Wisemuv is a web-based tool that quickly increases the capabilities of your salesforce.

We increase your sales lead quality and reduce churn. We pre-qualify, pre-educate, and pre-sell—so your sales team can close more business.

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Improves lead conversion

Wisemuv improves lead conversion by helping consumers with insurance decision-making. After reviewing our recommendation, secondary research and family and friends’ advice, consumers are confident and ready to buy.


Enhances sales productivity

Our platform educates consumers on coverage they may need, reducing average talk time for agencies and call centers. We handle consumer education so that you can focus on quoting and selling!


Increases satisfaction

Wisemuv increases customer satisfaction by providing online decision-making support for the growing number of customers who prefer digital channels.


Works with any channel

Wisemuv works with all insurance sales channels including captive agencies, independent agencies, call centers, and Internet.  Wisemuv can deliver leads to your channel of choice or run multi-channel campaigns.


Better than competitors

Wisemuv has a higher return on investment than lead aggregators, paid search and direct mail.  Unlike our competitors, we provide you exclusive, pre-qualified leads.  All you do is close the sale.


Easy to implement

Wisemuv requires no IT involvement. Just insert our link into your website or email campaign. With minimal customization, we can have your campaign up and running in 30 days.